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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Part of what spurred this offshoot has been an ongoing project that started late last year - after acquiring a CD burner, I decided to start burning the lp and cassette collections in the house (a smart decision since my cassette deck went flooey in the fall - fortunately, the turntable is still holding up). Part of the whole archiving process, although I ultimately wonder how futile it all is... with differing views on how long burned CD's and digital media will actually last, copyright law and rights issues guaranteeing that a substantial amount of media will not make the digital jump unless it's though 'grey' channels, and with knowledge of past technology dissapearing as soon as the Next New Thing arrives (face it, at some point, no one is going to know what a cassette player or a turntable was), one has to wonder what the is the point of holding on to something so arbitrary.

That has been answered somewhat by the comment left by some Smarties fan out there who came across the previous post, and who was gracious enough to leave a response (Thanks, Missy!).

The next best thing would be to have some band member crawl out from the woodwork -- well, that DID happen... Craig Bostick found the post and left an e-mail, with news that he's developing a page for The Smarties at - it's in the beginning stages, but you'll find several Smarties cuts available on the page.

Go check it out - he's invited questions, so look for another Smarties posting here soon... or go ask him yourself.

Maybe some of the other Smarties will discover this and pitch in some info as well - one can only hope.

Currently in the midst of burning the last of the cassette collection, so that's why there's been no postings as of late... but look for a new update next week.

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