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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jumping into the File-Share pool

It's been quite some time since updating this particular corner... to be honest, I was a bit intimidated - I've written about music before, but no matter how talented your poetic gifts are, nothing quite puts it across like the genuine article.

Over the summer, I discovered the new crop of music blogs all over the place - and decided to wait until I had some access of posting some of my favorites, which will back up all the good things I have to say about them.

So I'm jumping into the pool, with the other lemmings... let's see how long we can swim before we go under.

I started this blog off with The Smarties post - if I had the ability then, I would have put up those songs which caught my attention. Craig does have some downloads of songs at the MySpace page, but I'll put up those 3 songs that were on that tape. According to him, that was a tape that was sent out to bookers for gigs - two of the songs are on the PLAY IT! album, but these versions are slightly different -- and one song hasn't been featured anywhere else, from what I gather.

So enjoy!

He Fixes Things

Day Off

Is Your Daddy Gonna Pay (For My Broken Heart)?

Addendum 10/27/06

Craig of The Smarties posted news that a limited quantity of PLAY IT! cd's were discovered and are now on sale at CD Baby; and that Smarties songs will soon be found on iTunes and other online music services.

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