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Thursday, October 12, 2006

REVOLUTION - OST John Corigliano

John Corigiliano is well known in the Classical Music world as a renouned composer and in the film music world for the scores for ALTERED STATES and THE RED VIOLIN. Back in 1986, he composed a score for the Al Pacino film REVOLUTION. If you haven't heard of it... well, no surprise. Hugh Hudson's follow-up film after GREYSTOKE, REVOLUTION was a look at the
emergining America from under British rule. Despite a pretty decent cast (Natassia Kinski, Donald Sutherland and ROCKY HORROR's Richard O'Brien in a supporting role) the film pretty much stunk on ice.

One of its saving graces is Corigiliano's score, which features flautist James Galway.
Since the movie tanked, no record was released, although test pressings were made and a few did make their way into the hands of collectors. This has long been requested as a legitimate release, but legal wrangling still makes this MIA... well, until now.

Go get it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry. I first posted this in the wrong place (Cold Turkey). Thanks for this great music. But there seems to be a problem with some tracks. There is a lot of clicking noises and little skips. If it is on your end can you reupload it, maybe at 192K, if possible. Thanks again for this music.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Have reuploaded the files - did a new transfer, so this should be click and skip free.

8:26 PM  

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