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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snacks before the main meal

Currently in the vinyl vault, hard at work burning several albums for posting - all OUT OF PRINT, for the benefit of anyone who cares about such things... until those are ready, I thought I'd throw up a couple of things up that are.

First is a repost of a previous entry - I've had a couple of requests for this so it should make the Shirley Walker fans happy. DEAD

CAPE FEAR is Bernard Herrmann's score from the J. Lee Thompson film with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum... and this is the original recording, conducted by Herrmann. DEAD

SPFM Tribute is a disc from the 1993 convention of The Society for the Preservation of Film Music, held in L.A. The guest of honor was Jerry Goldsmith and this was a highly prized collectable given to attendees of the dinner... and afterwards available to people who joined the society. The disc includes suites from THE FLIM-FLAM MAN, TAKE A HARD RIDE, MAGIC, and BABY: SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND. Most of this has since been released commercially and is available elsewhere, with the probable exception of BABY. DEAD

I've also meant to include music other than soundtracks here... "Theme from THE GREEN SLIME" sort of covers both areas.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can some give an idiot's guide to downloading from rogepost? When I click the link, I'm taken to a site with a download button. You click that button, you're led to the same page again.

Can anybody give a hint? Is rogepost restricted to certain countries?

5:17 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Rogepost is kinda screwy at times... I just checked out the links - everything seems to be working, so go to it! If there are problems, you might have to be patient and wait awhile, but eventually things work themselves out.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Vince said...


11:44 PM  
Anonymous Wendel said...

Great posts and thank you.

I loved "Green Slime" as a kid and thought it was the best Sino?American cross over of the time.

Thanks for digging up memories.

12:25 PM  

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