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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


In 1999, while at SXSW, one of the many items of swag that I snagged in the week or so I was there was a 6 song promo cd - the label said Restricted Records, and the songs were gorgeous, righteous almost old-school pop.

I could not find a full release of that cd, nor any mention of the iMPOSTERS for a few years, until the early 00's and found them mentioned on several websites with a few mp3s. Of course, if you were in L.A., you would have known of, or at least heard of them.

Now with Facebook, MySpace and the death of the Music Industry As We Knew It, it's easier to find information... that amazing voice belongs to one Morty Coyle and The iMPOSTERS have morphed into another band, ALL DAY SUCKER, who have a cd out.

Some iMPOSTERS songs have made it to ALL DAY SUCKER's set list - you can hear some samples on their site and their MySpace page, and I highly recommend you purchase the album.

This includes the 6 song ep plus 3 additional songs.

01 Heavy Weather
02 Rub It In
03 Amsterdam
04 Payday
05 Die Together
06 Sound Sleep
07 Good Man Down
08 The Note
09 Rational Anthem

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, brother.
I haven't heard The Note in years.
It's sorta catchy, huh?
Kinda Blood and Chocolate-y.
That was our "K.C. R.I.P." response.

Live Long,

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Used to see these guys weekly at The Viper Room. Went at first because my friend Mott played bass. Kept going because the songs were great. good times...

I had the interscope advance cassette forever till it broke.

11:56 AM  

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