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Monday, June 02, 2008

The Buckets Reunion

Old-school Buckets (from L to R):
Long John Gonzales,Wanda Taters,
Jesse "Boots" Daniels, Earl Butter, Kid Coyote

I'd put The Buckets under 'Great Dead Bands' except that they haven't been completely dead - maybe comatose would be a better description. Every so often, leader 'Earl Butter' would emerge with a new lineup, and they'd play a show in the SF area.

In their heyday, they released one CD, several tapes and a couple of vinyl singles, and they played a lot of shows:

Emma June

The Curb

Bold Face Lie

Song of the True Divided Highway

There were rumors flying about that the summer of '08 might see some activity - well, the sleeper is getting ready to awake:

The Buckets
July, 17 2008 at Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco, California 94114
Cost : $10.00

the Buckets Reunion/Alumni show....with all of your favorite Buckets past and present. And with just a little luck, we will have two cds....never released for you. the Great Auk, with Carrie, and Sister Exister with Dani round out the bill!

Those cds - one features songs from the older Buckets lineup and the other features brand new songs. Some cuts can be heard on their MySpace page, as well as more performance video.

Mark your calendars!

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