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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Shop of Horrors- Deleted Unhappy Ending

Finally, thanks to YouTube, we get to see the original ending of Frank Oz's adaptation of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS... (although you might have to sign in - for some reason it's flagged - probably due to a couple of naughty words sung in "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space"). This is about 22 minutes, so settle in.

They should've stuck to their guns and kept this ending, though it's easy to see why they did change it... but when you do a 'horror musical', you GOTTA give props to the horror side. And, as stated in the immortal Spader/Lowe film, BAD INFLUENCE, "You get in bed with The Devil, sooner or later, he's gonna wanna fuck." With no lube.

Nice to see Paul Dooley... Jim Belushi was not an improvement.

This is from the first DVD release, which was recalled, due to this footage going out in this state. It'd be nice to see it restored in color (which some tantalizing outtakes remain on the DVD), but I have to admit that it really works in black and white - and makes it more of an homage to the original Corman film.

If a restored version ever sees the light of day (always rumored... like the release of THE DEVILS), it would be nice if they'd did a SE like THE MIST, and also do a b/w release...

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