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Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Jeter - Halloween 2001

If you check the (mim-uh-zeen) archive, you can find some background info about Kansas City's late, lamented Big Jeter - although the main members have gone on to other, better things (burlesque shows and movie-making and screening), there's something very sad about living in a Big-Jeter-less universe.

BJ has been described as a cowpunk/country outfit - not totally inaccurate, since they did start out by doing tweaked countryish songs - but it doesn't tell the whole story.

They had more in common with bands on both coasts that would do wild shit, and deliver great songs. In BJ, if the musicianship was sometimes a little shaky, they more than made up for it in the passion of performance and cleverness.

Case in point: not just ANY band would do a cover of THE GREEN SLIME Theme.

Big Jeter didn't really release much - there was a promo CD-R of 5 songs that used to be sold at shows, and some MP3's were on a site or two before the Napster Smackdown canned the First Wave of FileSharing. There are a few files on the Chucky Lou A/V Club Yahoo group, but it's just a taste. What exists is on bootleg recordings, both audio and video.

This is a compilation I did of the BJ songs I'd manage to scavenge over the years, which include that CD and MP3's.

But to get a sense of what they were like onstage, you'd have to listen to their Halloween show at The Hurricane in KC, MO in 2001.

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Blogger Robert Goc said...

Mr. Hubb,

I am commenting on this blog entry for a couple reasons. First of all let me commend you on your blog and exceptional multi-media list. I enjoyed sifting through your eclectic offerings and will continue to refer back to what Ive learned within. Second... A desperate search for Big Jeter scraps brought me to your Music-Snob" door step. I was lucky enough to play in and around the KC/Lawrence scene during their heyday and grew quite fond of them. I used to have the home brewed EP/Promo CD that you referred to in your post as well as a couple select downloads from the Yahoo AV Club message board, but have since lost every song. I was hoping you'd be able to refresh the dead link in your old Big Jeter post, or find it in your heart share some Jeter with me by some other means. I'd be forever in your debt.

Thank you for your attention,
Rob Goc

(Im copying this to an email just in-case your blog is inactive)

11:06 AM  

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