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Thursday, October 12, 2006

COLD TURKEY - Randy Newman

When people think of Randy Newman as a film composer, and trace his career back, most may assume that his first score was for Milos Forman's muddled adaptation of E.L. Doctrow's RAGTIME.

Not so... although RAGTIME would not be a bad debut score.

Newman's first score was for a Norman Lear/Bud Yorkin (producers of ALL IN THE FAMILY, MAUDE, SANFORD & SON, THE JEFFERSONS, among others) film, COLD TURKEY, with Dick VanDyke, Bob Newhart and a lot of familiar faces from 70's sit-coms, about a small town in Iowa that takes up a tobacco company's challenge for every resident to quit smoking for 30 days. The humor may be a bit forced in today's climate of non-smoking, but it's a pretty good satire for its time.

Newman's score plays up a lot of his now-trademark Americana, as well as a take on Elmer Bernstein's MAGNIFICENT SEVEN theme opening the picture (part of the joke - the theme was used on Marlboro commercials in the 60's), and the song "He Gives Us All His Love" as the Main and End Titles (of which an arrangement can be found on Newman's album SAIL AWAY).

One of the earliest scores I remember hearing and totally digging, along with the film. The film is only on VHS, for the time being; the score never got a release, the song notwithstanding.
This file is from my own archives, so sound quality is not pristine; plus there are some snippets of dialog, which I've tried to minimize.

Go get it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great music. But there seems to be a problem with some tracks. There is a lot of clicking noises and little skips. If it is on your end can you reupload it, maybe at 192K, if possible. Thanks again for this music.

11:39 PM  

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