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Friday, February 23, 2007

Amazing Grace and Chuck - FEAST OF BERNSTEIN, Dish #3

The final dish in our repast is a Bernstein score from the late 1980's for the nuclear disarmament fable AMAZING GRACE AND CHUCK, with William Peterson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Gregory Peck.
AG catches Bernstein reminding everyone what he does best, while also in career transition - for a large part of the 80's, starting with ANIMAL HOUSE in '78, he was the go-to guy for comedies (AIRPLANE!, STRIPES, GHOSTBUSTERS, etc), while also sticking his toes into sci-fi/fantasy (SATURN 3, SPACEHUNTER, THE BLACK CAULDRON).
AMAZING GRACE features Bernstein doing Americana themes (some slight hint of his Western scoring), and utilizing, AGAIN, the Ondes Martenot (an instrument that was pretty much Bernstein's pet during this period). It's pretty stirring stuff, especially for an idealistic Capraesque story... RAMBLING ROSE, composed in 1991, is the capstone for this period in his career.

Despite the cover art used, this rip is from the LP. It's the same artwork, though.

Check it out

Thus, gorged and sated, we end our Feast of Bernstein. Hope you enjoyed the selections.

Next few postings may be on the rock/pop side of things... then more soundtracks.

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Blogger Vince said...

Sorry to say this album is muffled sound wise.
Please check it out. Thanks.
Otherwise great selection.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Vince said...

I re-adjusted my sound and Its much better.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous reza said...

rogepost is a moody beast , only works occasionaly , not today :(

8:53 AM  

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