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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great Dead Bands - Granfaloon Bus

One of the great San Francisco (by way of San Diego) bands of the '90s, GB never fully got their due until relatively recently in the 00s, and even then it was too little, too late - their albums were on a European label and hard to find, unless you were in the Bay Area to catch their live shows, or to get it from the local record stores. They have an affinity with another Great Dead Band, Dieselhed - they both got lumped into the 'alt-country' genre, though it never really was a snug fit.

Comprised of Felix Costanza, Ajax Green, and Jeff Palmer - Steve Daubenspeck was around for the first couple of albums, and was replaced by Jeff Stevenson from GOOD FUNERAL WEATHER on to the end, the albums were produced by Bay Area uberproducer Greg Freeman.
Only one of their albums, EXPLODED VIEW, found a label in the States (and is readily available). Their last album, LUCKY CURTAINS, was released in Europe.

Rocket Noon (1996)

01 - We're So Happy
02 - The Witchdoctors Are Sulking
03 - Alexandra
04 - OK
05 - Daisy
06 - Wearin' Blue
07 - Queen Ann's Hill
08 - Satellite Frank
09 - Dearth
10 - Candy's Carousel
11 - God's Little Sequin
12 - Witchdoctor's Reprise

Sleeping Car (1997)

01 - Say Cheese
02 - Widow's Weeds
03 - Free Gold Halo
04 - 1/2 a Beer, 1/2 a Song
05 - The Burning Sun Within Me
06 - Remains
07 - The Mission Song
08 - A Few Less Things
09 - Miss Essmaker
10 - Waldo
11 - Twistin' The Doctor

Good Funeral Weather (1998)

01 - Seeded Clouds
02 - Believers
03 - Worldwar Lovesong (WW I)
04 - Potboiler
05 - Too Angry To Fly
06 - Some Kind of Other Love (WW II)
07 - Cold Morning
08 - Borders
09 - We're Sellin' Helen's Hearse
10 - A Bunch of Times
11 - I'm A Leaf
12 - Sound
13 - Oysterpirates

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Blogger Steven said...

>>Todd is working on a solo record. Robi del Mar is steve's project- two records first one you can get free by sending a self address cd mailer to
Robi Del Mar-5871 Clinton ave. Richmond, CA 94805
Jeff Palmer is playing with several LA out fits and with neighbor Greg Freeman in Check Sum- a recording collaboration.
Good Job!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous L. Rob Hubb said...

Thanks for the info!

6:11 PM  
Blogger L said...

Another great discovery. Wowie. I hope you pick up this blog again. Fantastic stuff. Thanks for Granfaloon.

12:09 PM  

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