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Friday, February 06, 2009

GREAT DEAD BANDS - Ed's Redeeming Qualities "More Bad Times"

I'm an 'Ed-head', having accidentally discovered them while band-hopping in my time in SF; they were playing in the basement of Spike's Cafe (R.I.P.) My initial reaction was WTF - by the evening's end, I was won over to the point of buying their second album, IT'S ALL GOOD NEWS, which had just been released. I subsequently found their first official album and it's enjoyed a periodic run on my turntable, cassette deck and CD player.

Most will say that this is their favorite album; it's certainly the best introduction to the band, their first after the death of member Dom Leone and their relocation from the East Coast to the West. It's also very hard to find, hence its presence here.

1.) Camouflage
2.) Spoken Word
3.) Bob
4.) Sad
5.) The Boy I Work With
6.) Buck Tempo
7.) Cheese Grater
8.) Too Pretty
9.) A Little Thing
10.) New Distributor Cap
11.) Things That Scare Me
12.) Virginia
13.) Lawn Dart
14.) Mrs. Price
15.) I'm Not Eating, I'm Not Anything
16.) Poem
17.) More Bad Times

More ERQ stuff to come in the near future.

The blog Robert Frost's Banjo has some very recent interviews with Carrie Bradley and Dani Leone; and The Presidents of the United States of America have done a cover of "More Bad Times" on their recent album.

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Blogger zzeitg said...

Oh, man! I can't even tell how much I'm grateful for this stuff! I'm looking for them for years, no joke! Since I've seen them in "Ed's Next Move" movie. Many thanks! I'm looking forward to more ERQ!!!

1:19 PM  
Blogger COOLWHIP said...

Any chance anyone knows where to find "Big Grapefruit Cleanup Job". I have looked everywhere and nobody seems to sell it. Good stuff thanks a bunch.

3:48 PM  

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