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Thursday, April 12, 2007


As stated earlier, I thought I'd take a momentary break from posting soundtracks and delve into the other side of my collection... mainly bands that were started, or based in San Francisco for a good portion of the 90's

BNS isn't a Great Dead Band - they're very much alive and well, and now based out of NYC, and still releasing albums. Chances are, you've heard of BNS or its frontman, Cory McAbee, due to the movie THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT.

This is their first album/cd, long out of print, which features selections from the short film and soundtrack THE KETCHUP AND MUSTARD MAN, along with their first single, and various songs that were mainstays of their live shows. Their sound isn't quite as wild now as on these recordings, but this is a great place to start being a Billy Nayer fan.

If you like this, check out the BNS site, where you can order their other albums, as well as the short films and THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT. And for more about the band, here's an interview with Cory McAbee and an overview of BNS.

Go meet The Bunny King

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