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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Commentaries with Terry Gilliam & Alan Parker

Terry Gilliam's commentaries are always fascinating and wonderful; for me, it was always something to look forward to when The Criterion Collection did a release of his films - they're still highly regarded home video releases.

Baron Munchausen has been released on DVD, recently with a new commentary by Gilliam and co-writer/actor Charles McKeown, but the Criterion release had Gilliam solo, ruminating over the film... should make for an interesting comparison.

The Fisher King still deserves a decent DVD release - and even if it gets one, it probably won't equal Criterion's presentation.

Pink Floyd - The Wall got 2 excellent dvd releases, with commentary from Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe. Probably not many are aware that a laserdisc release in the late 90's had a commentary with director Alan Parker, since it had a limited pressing.

Hope you liked this experiment... I believe the next posting will be a Great Dead Band, then more soundtracks.

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