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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"New" Buckets album - Silo

John Hayes at Robert Frost's Banjo did a recent interview with "Earl Butter" (AKA Ray Halliday) of The Buckets, which, if you've even glanced at this blog occasionally, is a band that's no stranger to these pages.

He did provide a little bit of background and some video for those who may not have heard of the band - proving that in addition to having excellent taste in music and YouTube selections, he knows his subject, and his enthusiasm is evident -- what more to ask for in a blog?

I bring this to your attention, because Earl has finally finished work on SILO - the 'lost' Buckets album. Well, not exactly 'lost'... it was recorded in 1998, but has not seen the light of day until now. It's available at CD Baby, along with SOD, technically the new album - same band, different configuration -- all damn good songs.

Next up: a lotta Goldsmith soundtracks... and some Bernard Herrmann soon to come, also.

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