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Friday, November 06, 2009


Going to try something a bit different...

I imagine that if you're here looking for film scores, you might also have an interest in movie commentaries - especially for films and stuff 'off the path', so to speak. So, here's some items that may peak your interest.

I'm not a big fan of his commentary for DONNIE DARKO, but those who just scratch their heads at SOUTHLAND TALES might find some light shed on some aspects of that film. It's an exclusive on the Blu-Ray release... great if you have a Blu-Ray player. If you don't... well, this will tide you over until you DO get that player.

Cronenberg always does good commentary - and for the Canadian release, you not only get his commentary, but one from DP Peter Suschitzky, and one from visual effects supervisor Jim Isaac. The disc is also worth finding for a featurette on production design, with Carol Spier.

Ken Russell's chatty track from the out-of-print Pioneer DVD. Has anyone out there heard his track for the R2 TOMMY release?

An obscure film that shouldn't be... the R1 disc did not port over a commentary track with director Noel Black that was on the R2. If you haven't seen the film, go find a copy -- then after you've watched it, enhance your future viewings with this.

It was great that FLASH GORDON (the DeLaurentiis production) got a decent R1 release, but there was a French release (Silver Anniversary Edition) that had 2 tracks - one from actor Brian Blessed, and one from director Mike Hodges... not ported over, of course. Both are entertaining, though you might understand rather quickly why the Hodges commentary didn't get used for the U.S. release. A shame... as well as leaving out a good 30 minute featurette with Hodges talking about his overall career.

Well, now; judge for yourself.

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