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Thursday, March 26, 2009

ERQ + BUCKETS singles

As promised earlier - more ERQ! This time, it's a couple of their 7" records - not quite singles, but I don't think they technically qualify as e.p.'s... Whatever.

Ed's Day
includes the Dani (previously Dan) Leone title story

Safe World Record
includes the Dom Leone story, "Bridge Woman".

Also included for your listening enjoyment are a couple of 7" from The Buckets.

Cowgirls/Western Star
this features the 'classic' Buckets grouping.

Beer Belly/Pony Express

This version of "Beer Belly" is slightly different than the version on The Buckets cd and demos and "Pony Express" is an instrumental best described as 'industrial country'. This version of the band has member "Blue Jewel" on drums, who used to drum for The Doubters.

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Blogger Chris said...

God bless you for making this stuff available...

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of are-up on Ed's Day?..the link seems to have gone dead


12:58 PM  
Blogger L. Rob Hubb said...


It's done...

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very much appreciated..Thanks for all the Ed's/related..I'd forgotten how much I loved this band and their songs


3:56 PM  
Blogger L said...

Yes, many, many thanks.

11:40 AM  

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