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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ring in 2010 with Herrmann and Horner

Happy 2010, everyone!

We finish up with the last of the Herrmann recordings - for now, anyway - and there's some early Horner to enjoy, too!

Music From Great Film Classics - has a few selections from the earlier London album DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER/WELLES RAISES KANE, but the suites from JANE EYRE and KILIMANJARO make up for that.

North By Northwest - everyone seems to hate the Laurie Johnson recording, now that the original tracks and a re-recording by Joel McNeely are out there... still, I'm fond of it, and I'm certain others are, also.

Outer Space Suite & The Western Saga - the last of the CBS Library music that Herrmann recorded - fans of TWILIGHT ZONE, HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL, GUNSMOKE and other early CBS shows will recognize some of these cues.

Brainstorm - an early Horner score - one of his best - and yes, you'll recognize some bits here and there that you've heard before... but this was before it really got annoying.

Glory - another good Horner score; fans of Prokofiev, especially of his opera WAR AND PEACE will also find much to like here...

and a bonus - Music from THE AVENGERS, THE NEW AVENGERS and THE PROFESSIONALS, by Laurie Johnson. Not my rip, but the cover is from my copy...

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