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Monday, February 08, 2010

February Soundtracks

Trevor Jones did music for 2 of Alan Parker's films in the 80's, the noirish ANGEL HEART and MISSISSIPPI BURNING. Both albums contain dialogue, and are pretty good audio representations of the films, instead of just presenting the music. Most score fanatics aren't too wild about these types of albums, but both of these are pretty well done.

BARON MUNCHAUSEN is one of the late Michael Kamen's best scores;

WITNESS was one of Maurice Jarre's first scores in his electronic period, starting in the 80's. It was pretty popular at the time, mainly for the track "Building The Barn";

and one more from Bernard Herrmann, this one being one of his concert works - the cantata MOBY DICK.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot from Spain for the mississippi burning ost that i am looking for a long time

8:05 PM  

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