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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chrisopher Young doubled - THE VAGRANT, INVADERS FROM MARS

Some obscure and great scores to appeal to those who like their music - experimental.

For the rest of you, that just means that it's Weird... but Weird is Good!

Invade it

One of Chris Young's first plum assignments was Tobe Hooper's (ill-advised) remake of INVADERS FROM MARS (1986). Actually, very little of his score was in the film - all of the orchestral cue made it into the film, but he had composed, for the sequences featuring the Martian invaders, cues that bordered on musique concrete - and naturally, that got thrown out of the picture.

In the early 90's, Young was given the opportunity to rework those rejected cues into a 30 minute concert piece, presented on an album that also featured an early work (Oasis) and another concert piece (Holy Matrimony). I use the term 'concert piece' loosely, since they could only exist in the recording studio - there's no way that the pieces could be performed live.
The liner notes go into great detail, for any musicians into electronic music.

Shelter it

Young also did the music for this 1992 black comedy/horror film that was produced by Mel Brooks' company...(and which is still not available on DVD - with a cast like Bill Paxton, Marshall Bell and Michael Ironside, the SCI-FI Channel should be running this every month instead of the crap they usually show). There's not quite a word to describe Young's score - it manages to capture the tone of the film quite well (a feat that wasn't so easy, according to the liner notes), but it's not an easy listen, at first.

If you're looking for melody/harmony, these probably aren't the scores to settle in with for a nice quiet evening. But even though they're 'Weird', they're very compelling.

Go on... take a chance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, after reading that post on INVADERS FROM MARS (which I actually enjoyed, it's not every day that you see Louise Fletcher hit the frog buffet), and seeing three credited composers on the IMDB (despite Young being the sole credited performer in the film's opening titles), I'm now confused. Which person's score was used in the film? Was it just a mixture of all three? This has been confusing me for a while. This would also gauge the possibility of a CD release of the music used in the film.

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