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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Box

THE BOX featured a score by Arcade Fire band members Win Butler & Rene Chassagne and Final Fantasy band member Owen Pallett. A release is rumored to happen perhaps sometime later in the year or next year, after the new Arcade Fire album is released (August 2010).
So far, only a 8 minute suite has been available on YouTube.

While we look forward to an eventual release of this score - whenever - until that time, one can sample this DVD rip. Some sound fx and slight dialog can be heard, and only the last track is in stereo... but I think that fans of the Herrmannesque will be quite pleased.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! there any chance you could repost the Ed'd Redeming Qualities ep ,"Ed's Day" again?..the link seems to be down..brilliant stuff..and thanks for sharing!


8:19 PM  

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