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Monday, July 19, 2010

John Morris

John Morris is usually linked with Mel Brooks, whom he worked with for almost 20 years. Their heyday was in the late 60's thru 70's, when Brooks became one of the faces of outrageous comedy.

In 1978, High Anxiety was released, which gave us a soundtrack from the film on the first side; the second side was a sampler of Brooks/Morris works from previous films, and it serves as a great introduction.

Silent Movie, in 1976, is a great Morris score, and is well served by the soundtrack release

Before the success of BLAZING SADDLES (score available on La La Land Records), Brooks adapted the Russian comedy THE TWELVE CHAIRS.

Most people will think of the Broadway hit show, but there was a film that started it all... the album includes dialog as well as music. Most of Morris' work is underscore, but of note is the title track (Ulla's go-go music in the film); also, Dick Shawn's audition song, 'Love Power', which Brooks and Morris did not write.

Morris usually got typed for comedy, scoring the films of other Brooks' alumni (Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman), but THE ELEPHANT MAN showed that he was capable of far more.

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Thank you very much for the soundtrack from "The Producers."

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