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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

John Addison - The 7% Solution & Tom Jones

John Addison is not a name that's bandied about very much nowadays - those who are just getting into soundtracks may know him as the guy who did the "Murder, She Wrote" theme, or as the guy whose music replaced Bernard Herrmann's for Hitchcock's misbegotten TORN CURTAIN.

Addison burst onto the scene with his score for the movie TOM JONES (1963) and was very popular in the 60's & 70's... some of his other scores include SLEUTH, A BRIDGE TOO FAR and several t.v. miniseries in the mid-70's. Another acclaimed score he did was for the Holmes pastiche, THE 7% SOLUTION (1976).

Both scores were released on lp and have not seen a CD release.

Tom Jones

7% Solution

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