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Thursday, November 30, 2006

More postings!

Here's some selections that've been up for awhile...

1. Theme Medley (03:22)
2. In a State oF Molecular Flux (04:00)
3. Fear Creeps In (03:09)

4. Love in the Rain (01:38)
5. Nick Escapes
The Apartment Siege (03:31)
6. The Final Chase (03:14)
7. Nick and Alice i
n Love (02:28)
8. Jenkins Closes In (04:37)
9. The Invisible M
an Reveals Himself (01:40)
10. You're Not Alone Anymore (02:11)

A big favorite of soundtrack fans; there's not nearly enough Shirley Walker releases available...
well, on store shelves, at least.

1. Final Analysis Front Titles (02:38)
2. "I Had the Dream Again" (00:38)
3. "The Rain's Stopped" (03:34)
4. "Do It" (01:51)
5. The Day Lighthouse (03:07)
6. The Murder (02:07)
7. The Courtroom (02:46)
8. The Tea Room (02:35)
9. The Switch (02:24)
10. The Bay Marina (02:09)
11. The Kidnap (01:05)
12. The Night Lighthouse (05:48)


A really good score for a lame thriller. Other Fenton works to look for are THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, DANGEROUS LIASONS, HIGH SPIRITS, MARY REILLY - unfortunately, most or all are out of print.

Bill Conti

If you think that all that Bill Conti did were ROCKY movies and The Academy Awards, think again. This is a re-recording done with the London Symphony Orchestra - a Symphonic Suite of music from THE RIGHT STUFF, and a suite from the mini-series NORTH AND SOUTH.

Robert Cobert

  1. The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  2. Dead of Night - A Darkness at Blaisedon
  3. The Night Stalker
  4. The Night Strangler
  5. Dracula
  6. Trilogy of Terror
  7. Burnt Offerings
  8. Dead of Night
  9. Curse of the Black Widow
  10. Dark Shadows 1991

No music from the tv series (dammit!), but the next best thing - music from the tele-films THE NIGHT STALKER and THE NIGHT STRANGLER, as well as from other Dan Curtis produced projects... Bob Cobert was Curtis' composer of choice, and this is a pretty good compilation, also including a suite from the movie BURNT OFFERINGS.

ADDENDUM 12/6/06 - You leave for a few days, and all sorts of stuff happens... it appears that these files have been deleted - guess someone objected to their being posted. Oh well...



Blogger Lacey said...

This is a very good collection of sounds not heard on most of the other blogs (a lot of which seem to have come and gone already).

I was a big fan of both Trilogy of Terror (OK, THE one story) and Night Stalker. They really did it wrong when they tried to bring it back.

Keep up the good work.

3:48 PM  

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